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  • Devon Cafe Brunch

    We took advantage of the quiet public holiday to try Devon Cafe in Barangaroo. On a weekday it is usually packed but being a public holiday, it was much quieter. Here are some photos of our food and dessert.

  • Bubble Nini Tea

    This is a strawberry milk tea from Bubble Nini Tea here in Chippendale. I walk past here every day but only just got around to trying it. I don’t drink much bubble tea these days (part of being a Starbucks Frappuccino addict) but this was REALLY good and well worth trying.

  • First Sip

    So I’ve been a bit preoccupied with work and Zelda so haven’t been shooting much (if at all). Here’s just a simple shot of my gf drinking my favorite dessert.

  • Starbucks Chocolate Drink

    In Perth, we don’t have Starbucks. We only got Krispy Kremes two years ago and don’t even have Häagen-Dazs Icecream. I know I often see “hipster” and Starbucks but for me, this is a luxury I only get when I travel. On that same note, I can even remember exactly what drink this was. From…

  • The Jucist

    This shot was actually 2 shots bracketed into one. I wanted to create a framing for ‘The Juicist’ stand and this is pretty much what I seen through my eyes. I could have pulled the shadows but it was real easy to bracket it and this way makes for a cleaner image so I gave it a…