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  • Living Life Still

    Living Life Still

    Recently I have been getting back into still life photography. I have been lazy to leave the house and also sick so shooting at home was the easiest solution. In the first episode of my podcast, I mentioned that origami is something I really enjoy but am bad at. I was thinking about this and… Read more

  • 733 Link Breath of the Wild

    733 Link Breath of the Wild

    Considering Breath of the Wild is one of my all time favorite games, I thought it was appropriate that my first Nendoroid would be Link. Read more

  • Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch

    I got my Nintendo Switch on Friday and afternoon a few days, I’m quite impressed. The console itself is very nice and a bit heavier compared to the Wii U gamepad, although that doesn’t bother me. I haven’t played with the Switch that much yet due to Horizon Zero Dawn hogging my attention, but from… Read more

  • Week 45 – Amiibo

    Week 45 – Amiibo
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    I recently purchased a Wii U (which is seriously underrated and I love) so I couldn’t resist getting a few Amiibo’s to go along with it. Read more

  • Week 32 – Enjoyable Journey

    Week 32 – Enjoyable Journey

    This is probably my favorite Pokemon game to date. I love having my Pokemon following behind me, it was such a great feature that should be in every game. I also loved having two regions, although Kanto could have been more story driven. This was more of a challenging game too (still not hard, but… Read more

  • 3DS


    My favorite handheld console. At first I got it just for Pokemon, but all the first party titles are just too hard to resist. Read more