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  • Together 2019

    A few weeks ago we went out one Sydney to take some couple portraits. When I first got into photography, I used to do portraits of us every single week. As we got older we got busier and just didn’t have the time to go out and short all the time. The portrait below is…

  • The Beginning of Something Special

    As I previously mentioned, I recently got the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art. I was excited to give it a try so I went out on the weekend to do some portraits. Here are some of the images I took with my beautiful new lens :p

  • Back To Reality

    I’ve had the past week and a bit off work with my girlfriend away. I have been able to play games as much as I like but with her back tomorrow and us going overseas together, it’s back to reality again.

  • Headshots

    As I’ve said countless times, I don’t do portraits often. I have to say I do enjoy shooting them but I usually don’t have the models required to do them. One thing challenging about this Portrait was the Eye-AF. The reason it was challenging is because my friend wears glasses and sometimes the AF can…

  • Sirui T-025X

    I finally decided to invest in a much needed travel tripod. The model I decided on is the Sirui T-025X.  It’s extremely compact when folded (only 30cm) and very light thanks to its carbon fiber build. I haven’t used it enough to give more detailed impressions but once I do, I’ll be sure to update everyone.

  • Side Street Bokeh

      On the way home from the shops, I thought I would play around with my 85mm which hasn’t got much use on my 6D Mark II yet.

  • Six Years

    I’m am very lucky to have celebrated six year with this amazing person last weekend.

  • That Moment

    I decided to go check out Vivid Sydney last weekend and this is probably my favorite image. This couple gave each other a hug just as I took the photo and it made for a really great candid image.

  • George Street Guitarist

    I had to wait a while for everyone to get out of my way so I could capture this shot. Although it’s not your typical street lens, I really like using the 85mm for that exact purpose.

  • Showered In Gifts

    Congratulations to my sister in law who just graduated from her bachelors degree 😀