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  • Chat Thai Sydney

    Chat Thai Sydney

    Here are our meals from Chat Thai. My girlfriend got Suki and I had Pad See Eww. We go there almost weekly as the food is that good and the price is really great too. Read more

  • Fika By Cuppa Flower

    Fika By Cuppa Flower

    This is a local restaurant called Fika by Cuppa Flower. Many people who live here in Sydney would be familiar with these restaurants as they are very popular and serve great food. If you are in Sydney, definitely check them out as the food is great! Read more

  • Hunter & Barrel

    Hunter & Barrel

    This is a shot from quite a while back now at a restaurant called Hunter & Barrel. They do really nice steak which is one of my favorite foods. There was really nice window light while I was waiting for my food so I decided to capture this đŸ™‚ Read more

  • Time To Pay

    Time To Pay

    A girl heading up to the front to pay for her meal. Read more

  • Jbento


    I gave into temptation and got the M5 đŸ˜… I’m really loving it and it’s so much fun to use. I come to Jbento at least once a week so thought I would bring the M5 along to test it out a bit. Read more

  • Ribs & Burgers Bacon & Cheese Burger

    Ribs & Burgers Bacon & Cheese Burger

    This is bacon and cheese burger from Ribs & Burgers in Perth. I was surprised at how filling it was, since I ordered a regular chips with it too!  Read more

  • Sayers Sisters

    Sayers Sisters

    This was our first time going to Sayers Sisters in Northbridge which we really enjoyed. We originally intended to go to Rockpool for lunch but since I hurt my jaw, some soft eggs were a better option. My girlfriend had the smoothie and salad while the tasty bacon and eggs were mine. Sadly I struggled… Read more

  • All Time Favorite Steak

    All Time Favorite Steak

    This is a 400gm (14oz) USDA Rib Eye Steak from BLT Steak in Hong Kong. I really love steaks and this is possibly the best steak I have ever had. The view was really nice (which can be seen in the second shot) and when stepping outside, I had was able to capture the image of… Read more