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  • Xbox One Covert Forces Controller

    This is the Xbox One Covert Forces Controller. I got it for playing on PC as my old corded Windows Xbox controller is on its last legs. It definitely feels much nicer than the Xbox 360 controller and I also got a Window 10 wireless adapter.

  • Week 52 – The End!!!

    I am happy to say this is my last post for the 52 week project! When starting, I didn’t know if I would be able to keep up with it the project and I’m glad I did. These are some shoes my girlfriend got me for Christmas which I really love. I was tempted to do another outdoor shot like my other Nike’s but decided to go for a nice…

  • Week 45 – Amiibo

    I recently purchased a Wii U (which is seriously underrated and I love) so I couldn’t resist getting a few Amiibo’s to go along with it.

  • Week 32 – Enjoyable Journey

    This is probably my favorite Pokemon game to date. I love having my Pokemon following behind me, it was such a great feature that should be in every game. I also loved having two regions, although Kanto could have been more story driven. This was more of a challenging game too (still not hard, but better), I’ve found the new games are getting easier and easier.

  • Week 24 – Turn Back Time

    If we could only go back in time with what we know now. With the way my past year has gone, I think I would have done many things different.

  • 16612215773_61da2b8d28_h.jpg


    This is the first from my fitness orientated portrait shoot I did on the weekend. I’ve just started to take portraits more seriously and I am very happy with the results. It may not look like it, but these were taken in my friends living room. I had a black backdrop clamped and held up by two light stands behind the subject. A Speedlite behind the subject for back lighting…

  • Control Your Entertainment

    Since I just got my PS4 I couldn’t resist doing a shot of the controller.

  • Danbo’s All Wrapped Up

    While wrapping some last minute presents, Danbo got in the way and ended up getting wrapped too!

  • The Tokens

    The tokens from my Pokemon Monopoly

  • Week 8 – Progress

    Last year on Boxing Day I was around 90/91kgs (I’m 6ft tall with a medium build so I would say I was fat but not obese) and decided to stop being a lazy shit and start controlling what I eat again. From Boxing day forward, I stopped the double desserts and started counting my calories again everyday. Thankfully I still have a fast metabolism so I didn’t have to change…