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  • The Champ is Here!!!

    So this week I’m giving a bit of an insight into another hobby (more likely obsession) of mine which is the world of WWE. I thought it would be nice to split this into two sections so here it goes. The Photo I had wanted a new self portrait to use as my display picture everywhere and much to my girlfriend’s dismay, I wanted it to be with my wrestling…

  • A New Style of Product Photography

    Over the past week I’ve been trying to decide (and still deciding) if I should sell my M5. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just don’t use it enough and the money could go to a drone or new monitor which I really want. I watched this really great tutorial on removing backgrounds in Photoshop and wanted to try this with my product photography. I decided to use a…

  • A Must Buy

    The Sony 85mm f/1.8 is should be considered a must buy for anyone in search of an 85mm lens with an E mount camera. I sold my beloved Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX and I was honestly worried that the Sony  would not replace the empty spot in my heart the Sigma left. Luckily the Sony has so far exceed my expections with its sharpness, bokeh and focus speed/accuracy. For anyone…

  • Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS

    I recently got some new Yongnuo 622c II triggers and decided to give them a test. This was taken with a Yongnuo 685 fired at 1/16th power through a softbox umbrella, 1 meter from the subject on camera right. I also had a reflect at the same distance on camera left to fill shadows that were on the left of the lens.

  • Apple Watch Series 3 LTE

    As someone who hasn’t worn a watch in more than 15 years and doesn’t particularly like watches, I’m pretty happy to say I got myself  a series 3 Apple Watch. So what made me get one of these when I previously had no interest in watches? I personally find the AW to be useful where as I find standard watches the opposite. I got the LTE version of the series…

  • Nike Roshe ID

    These are my custom Nike Roshe ID’s I got a few months ago. I still haven’t worn them since I wanted to get a nice shot of them first, but I kept forgetting…

  • Geralt of Rivia

    This is Geralt of Rivia. The protagonist of probably my all time favorite game to date (sorry Wei Shen). The Witcher 3 was a game that set a standard for me. This standard has made it hard for me to enjoy other games due to the amazing quality that TW3 had.

  • Arno Dorian

    Although Assassin’s Creed Unity wasn’t the best game in the series, it was definitely one of my favorites. It wasn’t just the setting that I enjoyed so much, but also the protagonist Arno Dorian.

  • Tatsu The Dragon

    This is Tatsu The Dragon! I had wanted him for ages and often went into Swarovski to visit him so I finally got him as a Christmas present from my girlfriend and her family.

  • Huawei P9

    This is the Huawei P9 which has some pretty unique features when it comes to mobile cameras. For this image, I used aluminum foil in the background to get the great bokeh that you see. If you would like to see a better example and setup for this technique, check this tutorial on PetaPixel.