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  • Day 7 – DISNEYLAND!!!

    Here are the photos from our adventure in Disneyland Hong Kong which was day 7! Originally we had planned to climb the Dragon Back trail on this day but we got up late so thought we would go Disneyland instead. We didn't go on a huge amount of rides since I get too sick and will throw up on stuff like roller coasters. The previous time we visited HK in…
  • Day 6 In Hong Kong – Part Two

    Here is part two of my 6th day in Hong Kong. In the evening we went to a nice shopping mall near Jordan and TST called The One. It has so many levels for such a small place and quite nice stores too. On level 16 there’s an open area (which can be seen above) which we visited several times. On the day we did visit, there was heavy clouds…

  • Day 6 In Hong Kong – Part One

    This is long overdue but here is part one of my 6th day in Hong Kong. In the morning we went to this real nice shopping center with an Ice Skating rink inside, across the road was a university too.

  • Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden

    Here’s some images from the Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong. This wasn’t on our initial list of places to visit but when looking on tourism sites, this place looked real interesting. I had a lot of fun here and was one of my favorite places that I’ve visited in Hong Kong. A funny store I have from here is the building in image 6 is a…

  • Day Four In Hong Kong – Diamond Hill To Sham Shui Po

    Here’s some images from my fourth day in Hong Kong. I will describe each here rather than after each photo like I did for day 3. Image 1: this was talking walking around the lower end of Mongkok, a few streets East of Nathan Road. There was a whole load of markets and that around here and the lighting in the shop area gave a great mood to the images.…

  • Kuala Lumpur Cityscapes

    Here is a collection of some urban shots I took around KL. I had a lot of them so thought I would do one huge post since it's something different for me. Some may notice that I changed the code on my site so now all the images are much larger. I hope everyone enjoys the post :)
  • Elizabeth Quay View

    The above image is from my first trial of the Haida ND1.8 filter I got last week. It was also my first time shooting at the new Elizabeth Quay area in Perth. I’m really loving using square filters over circular, the quality of the Haida filters are amazing too. I didn’t get the 100 Series filter holder from Haida, instead I’m using one made by “The Filter Dude” which is as good…

  • 30

    I took this when we went to Fremantle for dinner. This was shot from a cross walk so I was completely safe when taking it.

  • Ivan

    This is my friend Ivan who’ve I’ve known for around 7 years now. He’s going away for a month long trip around the United States so we decided to have a quick catch up before he leaves.

  • Everything You Need

    A tub of ice cream and your phone is essential to survive these hot summer days we’ve been having.