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  • Take Me To The Beach

      Here are some images from my outting at Cottesloe Beach a little over a week ago. 

  • Off Gallivanting

    Sadly today my girlfriend went off with her family for a long holiday to visit L.A and Hawaii. This is some of her money she had already exchanged before heading off. 

  • My First Week With The Canon EOS M5

    It’s been a week now since I first got my Canon M5 and I can honestly say I’m in love. From its first announcement I was intrigued by it, although I had the M3 and it seemed too soon to upgrade. I had convinced myself I could at least wait a few months until I sold the M3 to fund the M5, then I seen a sale that was too…

  • Tatsu The Dragon

    This is Tatsu The Dragon! I had wanted him for ages and often went into Swarovski to visit him so I finally got him as a Christmas present from my girlfriend and her family.

  • Jbento

    I gave into temptation and got the M5 😅 I’m really loving it and it’s so much fun to use. I come to Jbento at least once a week so thought I would bring the M5 along to test it out a bit.

  • Emporio Armani Credit Card Holder

    Here’s my new Emporio Armani credit card holder I got last week. This image was taken using all natural light to the right and a reflector on the left. I got some vinyl sheets from Bunnings to use for my product shots and I really like how they compliment the wallet.

  • Sayers Sisters

    This was our first time going to Sayers Sisters in Northbridge which we really enjoyed. We originally intended to go to Rockpool for lunch but since I hurt my jaw, some soft eggs were a better option. My girlfriend had the smoothie and salad while the tasty bacon and eggs were mine. Sadly I struggled to eat the bacon as I couldn’t chew and I had to give my bread…

  • Baking Time

    Last week we spontaneously decided to bake a cake so here are some photos from it. It was just a plain and simple yogurt cake but tasted really good! That’s me in the second photo when we were mixing the cake which I don’t think we did a very good job. Although the cake looks nice enough in the end, the bottom center of it never cooked properly. The mug…

  • Canon EF-M 22mm F2 STM

    I finally got myself the Canon EF-M 22mm f2 STM for my M3. I haven’t used the lens much yet but I’m really impressed by its IQ wide open. It’s amazing how small this lens really is as I’ve been able to carry it around in my jacket pocket.

  • 3D Pop Up Cards

    Here are some cards I got from the markets in Hong Kong. As soon as I seen them I knew I wanted them since I love creative stuff like this. I shot these using natural window light from the right and had a large silver reflector on the left as a bit of fill light. Most of the shots were also focus stacked as the DOF was too shallow on…