Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths


Back when I used to visit Sydney a long time ago, Darling Harbour was somewhere I used to love to visit. I loved just  sitting by the water and relaxing at night.

I have found that almost every week I find myself down at Darling Harbour for some reason. These are some images from last week when I went to dinner at a restaurant called Cyren (the pizza is REALLY good). I shot these with my beloved M5 which honestly doesn’t get enough credit when it comes to image quality. As something new I will share the befor and after of this image below.

Here you have the original image as well as the image after all the processing. The left is the RAW image which is obviously very flat. I tried to recreate what I seen with my eyes and I was happy with the end result.

In the coming few weekends, I hope to shoot some long exposures and timelapses down at Darling Harbour if the weather permits so keep an eye out for them 😀


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