Walk Around

Walk Around

Now that the weather is getting a bit cooler, I’ve got into the habit of carrying my M5 with me for walks on my lunch break.

I’ve mostly been pairing it with the 22mm f/2 since this combo is so small it can fit in my pocket. I originally planned to take photos on the way home but it’s already dark by the time I finish. Because of this, I just rush home to watch my shows and play Witcher.

I have to admit this has got me slightly confused as to gear. My budget definitely doesn’t allow it, but I’d love something like the EOS RP and RF 35mm f/1.8. Even if I was to sell all my EOS M gear, it wouldn’t even cover the cost of the body. In reality, the DR is also better at base ISO on my M5 but the EOS RP would be much better in low light.

I guess I’ll just see over time what happens but for now, the M5 is getting more use than my Sony.


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