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  • Sony A7iii Museum Event

    Last night I went to my first ever photography event. It was a promotional event for the Sony A7III and was hosted by Mark Galer. The presentation was mostly about the features the A7III has to offer and how to get the most out of it. There was a macro exhibit with different insects like butterflies as well as a model to demonstrate Eye-AF. The best part of the night…

  • DJI Osmo Pocket

    This is my newest toy, the DJI Osmo Pocket. As soon as I seen this I couldn’t resist and ordered one straight away. Like many, I do own a GoPro but it rarely gets used. I find the video too unstable in my hands and the quality isn’t anything special either. So far I have been really enjoying this small stabilized camera. The quality of its video is really impressive…

  • Christmas Time

    Now that it’s December all the Christmas decorations are finally up 🙂

  • Bronte To Bondi Beach Walk

    A few weeks back I finally did the Bondi coastal walk. We started in Bronte and luckily it was nice and cool that day. Here are some of the shots I took along the way.

  • Sunlight to Night Lights

    Here are some images from the past weekend. We went out for dinner and to see the lantern festival at Darling Harbour. I took my 6D II out with me for some overdue use. The featured image is actually from a pot plant outside the QVB building but the nice backlighting makes it seem I’m in some natural grass field. The below images are from a street performer at Darling…

  • Gong Xi Fa Cai

    Happy Chinese New Year! I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous 2018 🙂

  • Weekend Happenings

    This weekend I went to Watson’s Bay by ferry which is the first time I’ve visited that location. Even though the breeeze was quite cool, it was very sunny which led to a long hot walk when we finally got there. There was some bushfire burnings again this weekend so there was a smokey mist to the air. Being that I’m asthmatic, I was very glad there was no smoke…

  • Graduation

    My girlfriend graduated last night and I couldn’t be more proud of her. This was my first time getting to watch a uni graduation ceremony and I quite enjoyed it. The fireworks at the end were great and really made for a perfect ending.  

  • Cat Cafe

    A few weeks ago I visited the Cat Cafe in Subiaco which was quite fun. The cats are a lot more playing than mine which was fun too see.

  • Jbento

    I gave into temptation and got the M5 😅 I’m really loving it and it’s so much fun to use. I come to Jbento at least once a week so thought I would bring the M5 along to test it out a bit.