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  • Happy New Year and Fireworks Photos

    Happy New Year and Fireworks Photos

    I thought I’d do a quick and simple post to show some images from the New Years Eve fireworks in Sydney, Australia. These were taken from Darling Square which is the same spot I shot from last year. The first two images were shot on the Sony a7C II + FE PZ 16-35mm f/4 G… Read more

  • Beam Me Up

    Beam Me Up

    It was quite an adventure I went on just to take this image. It was taken at Zig Zag Drive which is in the Perth suburb of Gooseberry Hill in Perth’s East. Read more

  • Grand Hyatt KL

    Grand Hyatt KL
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    This is the outside view of our hotel. It may look nice in this image, but it was even nicer in person! There was always some nice cars parked outside and it was usually quite busy. I got back at the perfect time when it was empty outside and the lighting was just right. Thanks… Read more

  • Week 50 – Leave A Light On

    Week 50 – Leave A Light On
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    Just a few more weeks to go then my 52 week project will be complete. This is an image I’ve wanted to take for a month but have’t had the time. I had used this same lantern in an image I took a long time ago. I thought it would be fun to take this… Read more

  • Week 37 – Rainy Nights

    Week 37 – Rainy Nights
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    I finally went out to shoot! My girlfriend had a catch-up with her friends on Friday night so I used that chance to go out and finally use my camera. It was quite wet out that night so I didn’t get to shoot for long before I had to take shelter from the rain. For… Read more

  • Narrows to CBD

    Narrows to CBD
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    This is a panorama of the Perth CBD and Narrows Bridge. I wanted to try out Lightroom’s new panorama feature so thought this would make a nice image. Read more

  • Red Arches

    Red Arches

    This is the Chinatown in Perth which is very old and overdue for a renovation. This was actually taken months ago but I had forgotten to upload it with its original set. Read more

  • Heading Home

    Heading Home

    My girlfriend holding her keys after work. Read more

  • Street Shots [Perth Edition]

    Street Shots [Perth Edition]

    Some of my street shots on a Friday night in Perth! Read more

  • West End View [Take Two]

    West End View [Take Two]
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    A view of the Perth CBD from Parliament House. No ND filter was used for the above image one since it was already very dark by this time, although for the below image my 10 stop B+w was used. Read more