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  • 16 Stop Bridge

    16 Stop Bridge

    Here are 3 images that are long exposures, taken using a Haida 10 + 6 stop ND filter. Read more

  • Bell Tower Storm

    Bell Tower Storm

    This is the fist image I have taken with the Haida 10 stop 100 series ND filter I got recently. I made the switch to square filters and I’m really loving them. Metering between shots is so much faster and they don’t degrade the IQ in any way. This was actually a long exposure of… Read more

  • Get Out Of The House

    Get Out Of The House

    This is very close to the other seascapes I have done but still something a little different. I thought I would try shooting 3 different compositions and here are the results. For the top image, it was my first shot and I managed to get the exposure right on the first attempt. This is actually… Read more

  • Week 29 – Reconnected

    Week 29 – Reconnected
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    After 5 weeks I FINALLY have internet back at home. I was so happy this morning, I felt like it was 10 birthdays at once 😛 This was shot at sunrise on Mounts Bay Road in Crawley. I went out with the intentions of shooting something else but the clouds weren’t moving how I wanted… Read more

  • Calm

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    This was taken at Applecross Jetty, just to the left of my upload from the other day. I had shot here as well all those years ago and the image I took back then was nowhere near the quality of this present day image. I was using my 10 stop for this image and was… Read more

  • Week 20 – Stormy Weekend

    Week 20 – Stormy Weekend
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    The weather has been amazing on the weekend that has just passed. I personally love the cold and rain so I made sure to go out and make the most of the weather. This location has some sentimental value for me. I previously took an image here which ended up helping myself to win my… Read more

  • City Beach

    City Beach

    City Beach is located in the west of Perth. Read more

  • Week 2 – Washed Away

    Week 2 – Washed Away

    Taken right near Mettams Pool, North Beach. Read more

  • Mettams Pool

    Mettams Pool

    The above image is taken with my 10 stop ND although the below image is with a 2 stop filter. Read more

  • Blue Hour

    Blue Hour
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    A jetty at Lake Monger, a few km’s from the Perth CBD. Read more