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  • My Sony Kit So Far

    It’s only been a few days since I made the swap to Sony but it’s been busy. Like whenever I get a new camera I’ve been taking a lot of photos so I can get used to how the body works. In next week’s podcast episode I’ll be discussing in detail why I made the swap and some early impressions. I know have 2 E Mount lenses and I definitely…

  • Rain, Animals and More Rain

    I’d like to start this post by saying sorry if you weren’t able to access this site or TPE over the weekend. My hosting was about to expire so I made the switch over to Dreamhost. It wasn’t without it’s issues but we got there in the end and I’m much happier with them over my previous host (Bluehost). We have also been having a lot of rain here which…

  • The Weekend Back

    As you can probably see by this post, I’m finally back to taking photos regularly! I always find that I stop for a bit then get a resurgence and then balance it out a bit. The majority of the images here are taken with my Samyang AF 85mm f/1.4 and the FE 35mm f/1.8. The below three images were taken around Darling Harbour and Darling Square. An 85mm isn’t usually…

  • Attending a Sony Bird Photography Event

    Last week I went to a photography event hosted by Sony Australia. This event was focused on bird photography and let us try bodies like their A9II and A7R IV along with lenses like the FE 200-600 f/5.6-f/6.3. In this post I’ll share my thought on both the event itself along with the lenses. The Event The event started at a hotel in the city. Before the presentation started we…

  • Cherry Blossom Festival

    Here are some photos from the Cherry Blossom festival a few months back at Auburn.

  • Lightning Storm

    The lightning storm last Friday was a good opportunity to try photographing lightning. This marks my first attempt and I managed to get a shot I was happy with before the rain got too heavy. Considering that I love stormy weather, hopefully we have more weather like this soon so I can give it another try.

  • Flowers

    This is a very small collection of some flower photos I’ve taken using the Sony A7III. The tracking in AF-C really helps when the wind is blowing these tiny flowers around.

  • Marina Bay Flowers

    Right outside the Bayfront shopping mall there’s this small pond. I remember when I took this photos I was in a rush to get back into the mall since I was melting from the heat.

  • Autumn

    As opposed to the Northern Hemisphere that’s now in Spring, it’s Autumn for us in Australia. I knew some great locations in Perth such as Subiaco Commons to see fallen leaves but I got no clue where to go here in Sydney.

  • Botanical Gardens

    Just some flowers from the Sydney botanical gardens.