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  • Boost Protein Balls

    These are a great snack that I find myself eating daily. I used to love snacking on Yogurt, but sadly my skin doesn’t agree with it so I luckily found these.

  • Canon EOS 6D Mark II

    I am very happy to say I got my Canon EOS 6D Mark II a few days ago and I am in love with it. Below are some images I’ve taken so far and some initial impressions after a few days of using the camera.

  • Vivid Sydney

    Here are some images from Vivid Sydney. I took all of these at quite high ISO's (I think all ISO 3200 and higher) so some don't have as much detail as they could have if I used a tripod.
  • That Moment

    I decided to go check out Vivid Sydney last weekend and this is probably my favorite image. This couple gave each other a hug just as I took the photo and it made for a really great candid image.

  • Chinese Garden of Friendship

    During my walk the other day we passed the Chinese Garden of Friendship.  It may be surprising that despite visiting Sydney so many times, I have never visited this place. I’m hoping this weekend I’ll get the chance to actually go inside and look around 🙂

  • RGB Night Light

    My new build is finally finished so here’s a photo of it with the NZXT Hue+ installed.

  • Time To Pack

    After 28 years of living in Perth, I am FINALLY making the move to the eastern states. I am starting to pack and don’t have as much as I thought I would. Once I’m there I hope to focus on the two genres of photography, still life and urban/street. I find these two the most interesting and although you can do still life anywhere, big busy cities are great for…

  • 25

    I’m so old now that being able to turn 25 again would be a dream come true…

  • Showered In Gifts

    Congratulations to my sister in law who just graduated from her bachelors degree 😀

  • First Sip

    So I’ve been a bit preoccupied with work and Zelda so haven’t been shooting much (if at all). Here’s just a simple shot of my gf drinking my favorite dessert.