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  • Botanical Gardens

    Just some flowers from the Sydney botanical gardens.

  • Weekend Happenings

    This weekend I went to Watson’s Bay by ferry which is the first time I’ve visited that location. Even though the breeeze was quite cool, it was very sunny which led to a long hot walk when we finally got there. There was some bushfire burnings again this weekend so there was a smokey mist…

  • Time To Pay

    A girl heading up to the front to pay for her meal.

  • Morning Shine

    Here’s a few shots from around Central Station this morning in Sydney. I walk along here every morning during my rush to catch the train. Although I really enjoy the walk now that it’s winter, I bet once summer hits I won’t be liking it as much. In unrelated news, strong rumors seem to indicate that…

  • Bondi Pizza

    This is a Hawaiian pizza from Bondi Pizza at Broadway.

  • Broadway

    Broadway is pretty much my local shop here in Sydney and it’s a nice short walk from my place.

  • Central Station

    I find myself at Central Station every single day. I live 5 minutes from there so getting pretty much anywhere in Sydney by train is quite easy and convenient for me. The train I catch to work usually goes underground so it was a nice change to be above ground today.

  • Roe Street

    Just a shot of Roe Street at sunset. It may appear a bit dark if your monitor isn’t calibrated but I really wanted to focus on the sky and have the street look dark and moody.

  • Lunch Deal

    This was just a simple shot from when I was waiting for my food to come. The light was really nice and the small container was colorful so thought it would make a nice shot 😊

  • Preston Street

    This was simply a nice sunny day on Preston Street in South Perth. I took this from outside Little Macha Girl which is somewhere my girlfriend loves to visit!