Tag: Canon EOS 6D Mark II

  • Chinatown Crossing

    Chinatown Crossing

    I really love 85mm for street photography, even though it isn’t considered to be a typical focal length for street. Read more

  • Mysterious Figure Ahead

    Mysterious Figure Ahead

    While going for a walk around the city, I found this spot that had some great back lighting. Read more

  • Singapore Memories

    Singapore Memories

    So I am currently sick with bronchitis and have a few assignments due. Being that I don’t have the time or energy to do seperate posts, here are all the remaining images from my Singapore trip. Read more

  • Marina Bay Flowers

    Marina Bay Flowers

    Right outside the Bayfront shopping mall there’s this small pond. I remember when I took this photos I was in a rush to get back into the mall since I was melting from the heat. Read more

  • Keep Walking

    Keep Walking

    This is a shot that I thought wouldn’t turn out too well but thankfully did. On this bridge, there was people walking past constantly and it was made of wood which means vibration would be an issue. I was very surprised that my new travel tripod managed 30 second exposures with no issues. If anyone… Read more

  • Singapore


    It’s been a little over one week since I got back from Singapore now and I surprisingly miss it. This shot was taken on my first day there and it was when I met up with Joey of lastlights.net. I was trying to do some very long exposures and accidently underexposed this so it took… Read more

  • Merlion City

    Merlion City
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    Singapore is a location I’ve wanted to visit for many years now. Last week I was luckily enough to finally put that plan into fruition. I would say I really enjoyed my trip except for one aspect, the humidity. Although Sydney isn’t the coldest place in Australia, I do prefer my cold winter days over… Read more

  • Autumn


    As opposed to the Northern Hemisphere that’s now in Spring, it’s Autumn for us in Australia. I knew some great locations in Perth such as Subiaco Commons to see fallen leaves but I got no clue where to go here in Sydney. Read more

  • Sirui T-025X

    Sirui T-025X

    I finally decided to invest in a much needed travel tripod. The model I decided on is the Sirui T-025X.  It’s extremely compact when folded (only 30cm) and very light thanks to its carbon fiber build. I haven’t used it enough to give more detailed impressions but once I do, I’ll be sure to update everyone. Read more

  • Butter Chicken

    Butter Chicken

    Butter chicken is one of my favorite foods and I have it every week no matter what 😀 Read more