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  • My First Two Weeks With The Canon EOS 6D Mark II

    The Canon EOS 6D Mark II had quite a controversial release, but that didn’t affect my purchase of this body. For the past two weeks I’ve been using it as much as I can and I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed. Here’s some of my impressions from my first weeks of using the 6DII. Autofocus As an owner of the original 6D, this was quite a frustrating area. The…

  • Violin Man

    This man seems to be playing the violin outside this restaurant every night I walk past. I’m sure he enjoys what he does so he must love his job.

  • Broadway

    Broadway is pretty much my local shop here in Sydney and it’s a nice short walk from my place.

  • Vivid Sydney

    Here are some images from Vivid Sydney. I took all of these at quite high ISO's (I think all ISO 3200 and higher) so some don't have as much detail as they could have if I used a tripod.
  • That Moment

    I decided to go check out Vivid Sydney last weekend and this is probably my favorite image. This couple gave each other a hug just as I took the photo and it made for a really great candid image.

  • George Street Guitarist

    I had to wait a while for everyone to get out of my way so I could capture this shot. Although it’s not your typical street lens, I really like using the 85mm for that exact purpose.

  • Hello Sydney

    After MANY years of waiting, I have finally made the move to Sydney. I got here just over 2 weeks ago now and have really been enjoying the new environment.

  • Elizabeth Quay Bokeh

    Last Friday night after work, I decided to go for a short walk after I finished my shift. There was some Chinese New Year celebrations on down at Elizabeth quay which were quite nice, although the 50mm f/1.8 was a bit too long on the M5 for general shots.  On the way back to my car I decided to take this image which was in the more quiet area. The…

  • Before Anyone Did Anything

    Here is  the last image that I have to upload from my trip to Hong Kong. This was taken on one of the last nights as we walked around, visiting all the places we were going to miss. I had so much fun and wish I could live in Hong Kong, even if it was only for a year or two as a working holiday. Honestly since getting back from…

  • Day 8 – Check In Tokyo

    Here are images from the 8th day in Hong Kong. During the day we went to the Dragon’s Back trail (photos to come tomorrow) and in the afternoon, I attempted to visit The Peak. Sadly when I got to the peak, the fog was so heavy that I couldn’t see anything so that was very disappointing. We just went out to dinner instead and walked around shopping for the remainder of…