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  • Ash and Pikachu Nendoroid

    Here is my newest collection to the Nendoroid family 😀 When Ash and Pikachu first appeared, they were greeted by a mysterious figure Then once they realized it was just Link from Hyrule, everyone was happy to see each other

  • The Next Trip

    My flights are all booked and the next trip I will take will be to Hawaii and San Francisco! My girlfriend got this souvenir when she visited these places and now it will be my turn. This will also be the first time I have been to North America which is exciting. I’m hoping to…

  • Australian Hotel

    While walking home I took this shoot to see how much of the Central Park buildings I could fit in. As there was nothing exciting happening with the colors in the sky, I decided a black and white edit was appropriate.

  • Harris Street

    This is a street I walk down regularly on my way to Haymarket. There’s nothing special about this spot, but the lighting is nice at sunset.

  • Lightning Storm

    The lightning storm last Friday was a good opportunity to try photographing lightning. This marks my first attempt and I managed to get a shot I was happy with before the rain got too heavy. Considering that I love stormy weather, hopefully we have more weather like this soon so I can give it another…

  • Bronte To Bondi Beach Walk

    A few weeks back I finally did the Bondi coastal walk. We started in Bronte and luckily it was nice and cool that day. Here are some of the shots I took along the way.

  • Vivid 2018

    I am happy to say I finished my exams today and can finally get back to uploading. I will make sure to have my Sony A7III impressions out in the next week. In the mean time, here’s a few shots from Vivid Sydney!

  • Starry Night

    This makes for a nice table decoration 😀

  • The Power of Eye AF

    A headshot makes a great way to test the capabilities of Eye AF 🙂

  • Flowers

    This is a very small collection of some flower photos I’ve taken using the Sony A7III. The tracking in AF-C really helps when the wind is blowing these tiny flowers around.