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  • Paddy’s Market

    Here are some candid street shots from Paddy’s Market here in Sydney. My girlfriend likes to come here on a weekly basis to buy all her fruits and this was one of the rare times I had my camera with me. It’s such a busy environment so it’s easy to capture candid moments. I have…

  • San Francisco People

    Below are some street photos from my trip to San Francisco. Street photography is one of my favorite genres so I was happy to give it a try with a Wide Angle compared to my usual 85mm. And just for fun to finish things off, here’s a photo my girlfriend took of me pretending to…

  • Evening Stroll

    After a long time I managed to get back out there and do some street photography. I was waiting for my girlfriend so I used the opportunity to walk around with my Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 and see what I could capture. The first image is of a street performer. I wanted to try and…

  • Harris Street

    This is a street I walk down regularly on my way to Haymarket. There’s nothing special about this spot, but the lighting is nice at sunset.

  • Chinatown Crossing

    I really love 85mm for street photography, even though it isn’t considered to be a typical focal length for street.

  • Mysterious Figure Ahead

    While going for a walk around the city, I found this spot that had some great back lighting.

  • Goulburn Street

    I find there’s at least one interesting spot on each street here in Sydney. I have already taken a few shots of other streets so this is a new addition to the collection.

  • Hyde Park

    This was taken during the middle of the day in Hyde Park. The lighting wasn’t overly interesting but I still like the final result 🙂

  • Sunset Fishing

    Here is a candid shot of some people fishing during sunset down at Bradleys Head.

  • Starbucks Matcha Frappuccino

    A month or so back, I posted a photo of my new favorite dessert. Although I prefer the white chocolate drink, this is my girlfriends favorite. It is a Matcha (Green Tea) Frappuccino from Starbucks which I spend too much money at now. It wasn’t a very eventful weekend but I did get around to doing…