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  • King Street

    This is King Street which is Perth’s home to many of the high fashion brands like LV and Prada. I had a work meeting last night so decided to walk around and this was a image I had in mind for a while but never had my camera with me at the right time. I’ve been quite happy with my recent images because I haven’t had to do many adjustments.…

  • Week 44 – Rest Well

    I had the weekend off so finally got to catch up with my rest 😀 This is a building next to a cafe I frequent and had some great leading lines, especially with my UWA. Below is another shot in the same small vercinity, it is looking down St Georges Terrace which runs through most of the CBD. As you may notice, the site has changed its design. Although I…

  • 21381158686_9f4e2fe6bd_h.jpg

    Week 37 – Rainy Nights

    I finally went out to shoot! My girlfriend had a catch-up with her friends on Friday night so I used that chance to go out and finally use my camera. It was quite wet out that night so I didn’t get to shoot for long before I had to take shelter from the rain. For these shots I was going for a certain look and I achieved what I was…

  • Week 31 – Lights Ahead

    This image was interesting for me lighting wise. Although the sunset is on front of me, if you look carefully you can see my shadow falling forwards as well. This is because there is a large building maybe 800m behind me that is purely glass. The sun was bouncing off this building and creating a strong back light which really helped my exposure.

  • Week 30 – Wave of Darkness

    I’m on top of things this week and have my 52 week project submission ready on day one! I was out with my girlfriend in Kings Park (people in Perth would possibly know the spot I took this from) and noticed how well the trees framed the QV1 building. As I took the shot, we had a real strong storm cloud sweeping over like a wave of darkness (hence the…

  • Week 29 – Reconnected

    After 5 weeks I FINALLY have internet back at home. I was so happy this morning, I felt like it was 10 birthdays at once 😛 This was shot at sunrise on Mounts Bay Road in Crawley. I went out with the intentions of shooting something else but the clouds weren’t moving how I wanted them to, so I ended up with this.

  • William Street

    Since William Street stretches all the way through Northbridge right into the CBD, it creates some really great leading lines. It was a sunny day which I personally don’t like so I made it into a nice high contrast black and white.

  • St Georges Terrace

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  • Red Arches

    This is the Chinatown in Perth which is very old and overdue for a renovation. This was actually taken months ago but I had forgotten to upload it with its original set.

  • 17738866098_09b63f150a_h.jpg

    Ten Feet Tall