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  • Stand Out

    This is my girlfriends purse that she got one time in Singapore. The colors of this really stand out on this table, I always find myself using it for still life shots.

  • Crab Stick Crazy

    Just a sort of candid shot of my girlfriend making her crab stick sushi.

  • Week 40 – Dreams

    This is a street that I would love to live on. I really like streets that have trees all the way along them, it just has a certain look to it that I love.

  • Week 39 – Skin

    This is my carbon fibre skin which I got from Dbrand. I discovered them not long ago and was eager to get one for my new phone. They are really easy to install and the backing on it fit perfectly, although the front wasn’t 100% accurate from what I can tell. It gives a much more premium look to phones and I couldn’t recommend them more.

  • 21381158686_9f4e2fe6bd_h.jpg

    Week 37 – Rainy Nights

    I finally went out to shoot! My girlfriend had a catch-up with her friends on Friday night so I used that chance to go out and finally use my camera. It was quite wet out that night so I didn’t get to shoot for long before I had to take shelter from the rain. For these shots I was going for a certain look and I achieved what I was…

  • Week 36 – My Note 5

    I got my Note 5 last week and so far I’m really loving it. The display is amazing and I’ve been using the camera on this more that I did when I first got my iPhone 4s/5s. The one feature I’m really missing from my iPhone is iMessage. I’m able to get the same features in the Whatsapp and Life360 although it isn’t as convenient as having them right there…

  • Week 34 – Smell Good

    This scent is one of my new favorites. I was pretty happy since I was going to buy it at $40 a few weeks ago but decided not to at the last minute. Looked at buying it again the other day and noticed it had gone on special for only $28 so I was VERY happy! I started a new job a few weeks back so been quite busy when…

  • Catching Up

    While eating my lunch I couldn’t help but capture these two having fun talking.

  • Week 31 – Lights Ahead

    This image was interesting for me lighting wise. Although the sunset is on front of me, if you look carefully you can see my shadow falling forwards as well. This is because there is a large building maybe 800m behind me that is purely glass. The sun was bouncing off this building and creating a strong back light which really helped my exposure.

  • Dion

    This is Dion. He is a good friend of mine and he has known me since before I could walk. While he was on his lunch break I thought I would bother him for a quick portrait and this is the result.