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  • Kuala Lumpur Cityscapes

  • Bukit Bintang

    Finally getting around to uploading some more photos from KL.

  • Pavilion Traffic Day

    This is the view from a foot bridge right outside Pavilion in KL. We walked past here every day several times, the lighting was really great when I took this. I miss KL and Pavilion a lot, I love how busy it was although I don’t exactly miss the heat… The image above was taken…

  • Dim Sum

    This is Dim Sum who is a very cute pug that belongs to the groom. I have loved pugs ever since I went to Hong Kong 3 years ago. There was a pug puppy there that kept coming up to the glass and sniffing/scratching at me which made me fall in love with it.

  • Grand Hyatt KL

    This is the outside view of our hotel. It may look nice in this image, but it was even nicer in person! There was always some nice cars parked outside and it was usually quite busy. I got back at the perfect time when it was empty outside and the lighting was just right. Thanks…

  • The Tallest Twins

    While on our tour of Petronas Towers, we were told several times that these are the tallest twins in the world right now. This is one of those shots that everyone has taken so it doesn’t make it unique, but here is my version.

  • Tokyo Street

    This is Tokyo Street which has a bunch of Japanese shops in the top of Pavilion. I got a really nice backpack from here and wish we had something like this in Perth! Here’s a few more images from around there.

  • Pavilion

    The top image is the main entrance for Pavilion which was always so busy and a mission to get past. They play this Christmas song over and over again in there and although it annoyed me for the first few days, I kind of miss it now haha. This is the Swarovski Christmas tree inside Pavilion.…

  • Jalan Alor

    This is Jalan Alor which is known for its excellent street food. A friend who lives in KL named S.j Yap showed me this spot since he has shot here many times and I loved all his images taken here.

  • Father of the Bride

    The top image was a candid shot I took of Agus, the brides Father. This was the morning after the wedding when everyone was up early, getting ready to leave the resort and head back to the city. Agus was just standing there, resting and relaxing and I thought it would make a great moment. The…