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  • Carbon Fiber PS4 Skin

    Carbon Fiber PS4 Skin

    This is my PS4 wrapped in a carbon fibre skin from Dbrand. I’m a huge fan of Dbrand products. The quality of every product I’ve received from them has been very high and they’re always easy to put on. I’ve had a skin on my phone for ages and with them having a sale at the… Read more

  • Week 42 – Crystals

    Week 42 – Crystals
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    These are my crystal beads my girlfriend got me earlier in the year. They are meant to dispel all the bad energy from your body. I have grown to like them quite a lot and wear them every single day. For this shot, I was experimenting using Plexiglas, otherwise known as Perspex or Acrylic glass. I… Read more

  • Week 41 – Window To The Soul

    Week 41 – Window To The Soul
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    This is in fact my eye. The eyes are known as the window to the soul and as you can see, my eyes also have a window that look outside the house. While playing around looking for macro subjects, I thought I would try using the window light to take a near 1:1 shot of… Read more

  • Stand Out

    Stand Out

    This is my girlfriends purse that she got one time in Singapore. The colors of this really stand out on this table, I always find myself using it for still life shots. Read more

  • Narrows to CBD

    Narrows to CBD
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    This is a panorama of the Perth CBD and Narrows Bridge. I wanted to try out Lightroom’s new panorama feature so thought this would make a nice image. Read more

  • Week 21 – Wild Hunt

    Week 21 – Wild Hunt
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    Thanks to this game I’ve had almost no interest in touching my camera for the past week. Aside from photography, my other true love is gaming. I played The Witcher 2 which I quite enjoyed, more so for the story than the gameplay although the Witcher 3 is a great improvement in nearly every way.… Read more

  • Week 18 – PS4

    Week 18 – PS4
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    I’m somewhat more of a console guy (mainly because it’s cheaper in the long run) and this is my weapon of choice. We’ve had some great rainy weather recently so I tried to see what I could come up with without going out into the rain!   Read more

  • In The Clouds

    In The Clouds

    I finally went out shooting and even more strange, I used my 17-40! Today I went shooting with a Flickr friend since we both wanted to try some long exposures with our 10 stop ND filters. We got to the location about an hour before sunset just to be safe so we did a lot… Read more

  • Timmy


    This is my friend Timmy who I’ve known for at least five years or more. I took some portraits of him a while ago which can be found HERE. We went to dinner for a catch up and once dinner was done, I took some portraits of him. I used to prefer doing more wide,… Read more