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  • Lightning Storm

    The lightning storm last Friday was a good opportunity to try photographing lightning. This marks my first attempt and I managed to get a shot I was happy with before the rain got too heavy. Considering that I love stormy weather, hopefully we have more weather like this soon so I can give it another try.

  • Central Station

    I find myself at Central Station every single day. I live 5 minutes from there so getting pretty much anywhere in Sydney by train is quite easy and convenient for me. The train I catch to work usually goes underground so it was a nice change to be above ground today.

  • 16 Stop Bridge

    Here are 3 images that are long exposures, taken using a Haida 10 + 6 stop ND filter.

  • Bell Tower Storm

    This is the fist image I have taken with the Haida 10 stop 100 series ND filter I got recently. I made the switch to square filters and I’m really loving them. Metering between shots is so much faster and they don’t degrade the IQ in any way. This was actually a long exposure of about 13 seconds in the middle of the day. The stormy and gloomy weather really…

  • Hong Kong Heritage Museum

    On our 6th day we decided to travel to Sha Tin and see the Bruce Lee exhibit at the heritage museum. Even though it’s been on for quite some time, I hadn’t seen it and wouldn’t be back to HK before it finishes either. It was a pretty easy trip to get there thanks to the MTR. We had a short walk from the station and really enjoyed the view…

  • Day 6 In Hong Kong – Part One

    This is long overdue but here is part one of my 6th day in Hong Kong. In the morning we went to this real nice shopping center with an Ice Skating rink inside, across the road was a university too.

  • Elizabeth Quay View

    The above image is from my first trial of the Haida ND1.8 filter I got last week. It was also my first time shooting at the new Elizabeth Quay area in Perth. I’m really loving using square filters over circular, the quality of the Haida filters are amazing too. I didn’t get the 100 Series filter holder from Haida, instead I’m using one made by “The Filter Dude” which is as good…

  • Father of the Bride

    The top image was a candid shot I took of Agus, the brides Father. This was the morning after the wedding when everyone was up early, getting ready to leave the resort and head back to the city. Agus was just standing there, resting and relaxing and I thought it would make a great moment. The second image shows what our room looked like in Enderong house and the third is…

  • Week 46 – Head In The Clouds

    After dinner I went for a small walk despite a storm with lightning heading towards me. This was quite a nice and relaxing place that had me staying there longer than I was meant to.

  • 22542483066_fa05829433_h.jpg

    Get Out Of The House

    This is very close to the other seascapes I have done but still something a little different. I thought I would try shooting 3 different compositions and here are the results. For the top image, it was my first shot and I managed to get the exposure right on the first attempt. This is actually two shots layered, one for the sky and one for the foreground. I had actually…