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  • Week 47 – Snow Globe

    This is a snow globe my girlfriend got on one of her many travels around the world. Sadly I had an exam this week so didn’t have the time to go out and shoot what I had in mind 🙁

  • Week 46 – Head In The Clouds

    After dinner I went for a small walk despite a storm with lightning heading towards me. This was quite a nice and relaxing place that had me staying there longer than I was meant to.

  • Week 45 – Amiibo

    I recently purchased a Wii U (which is seriously underrated and I love) so I couldn’t resist getting a few Amiibo’s to go along with it.

  • Week 44 – Rest Well

    I had the weekend off so finally got to catch up with my rest 😀 This is a building next to a cafe I frequent and had some great leading lines, especially with my UWA. Below is another shot in the same small vercinity, it is looking down St Georges Terrace which runs through most…

  • Week 43 – Edosei

    For the past few months we’ve been trying to have a nice dinner at least once a fortnight. This was at a restaurant called Edosei and it was the second time we visited this restaurant.

  • Week 42 – Crystals

    These are my crystal beads my girlfriend got me earlier in the year. They are meant to dispel all the bad energy from your body. I have grown to like them quite a lot and wear them every single day. For this shot, I was experimenting using Plexiglas, otherwise known as Perspex or Acrylic glass. I…

  • Week 41 – Window To The Soul

    This is in fact my eye. The eyes are known as the window to the soul and as you can see, my eyes also have a window that look outside the house. While playing around looking for macro subjects, I thought I would try using the window light to take a near 1:1 shot of…

  • Week 40 – Dreams

    This is a street that I would love to live on. I really like streets that have trees all the way along them, it just has a certain look to it that I love.

  • Week 39 – Skin

    This is my carbon fibre skin which I got from Dbrand. I discovered them not long ago and was eager to get one for my new phone. They are really easy to install and the backing on it fit perfectly, although the front wasn’t 100% accurate from what I can tell. It gives a much…

  • 21381158686_9f4e2fe6bd_h.jpg

    Week 37 – Rainy Nights

    I finally went out to shoot! My girlfriend had a catch-up with her friends on Friday night so I used that chance to go out and finally use my camera. It was quite wet out that night so I didn’t get to shoot for long before I had to take shelter from the rain. For…