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  • Seeing the World at 50mm

    Welcome to my second post for the month of May. It’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve got quite a few more images to share. I’ve been trying to focus on using particular gear so I can write more reviews so I’m sad to say some lenses aren’t getting as much attention as they…

  • My Top 5 Images of 2020

    With a few weeks left in 2020 I figure it’s time for my top images of the year. Although there are a few weeks to go, I don’t see myself getting any other top imagines in that remaining time. Below are my top 5 images in no particular order. Anna Bay NSW This photo was…

  • Bondi

    Due to crowds and no car, I have never visited Bondi Beach at sunset. This past weekend we decided to rent a car and go for a drive there to see what it is like. It was really packed which is unsurprising considering it was 31 degrees that day. We got dinner from a place…

  • Bronte To Bondi Beach Walk

    A few weeks back I finally did the Bondi coastal walk. We started in Bronte and luckily it was nice and cool that day. Here are some of the shots I took along the way.

  • Brighton Beach

    During out trip to Melbourne we got to visit Brighton Beach which is known for these colorful bathing boxes. The weather was quite cold that day but luckily there was no rain so we could enjoy our time there without getting soaked. Here’s some images from the location.   This is was probably my favorite…

  • Take Me To The Beach

      Here are some images from my outting at Cottesloe Beach a little over a week ago. 

  • Winter Is Empty Beaches

    This image was taken a few weeks ago when I was taking my black and white long exposures. It’s nice to see the contrast between seasons of how busy or quiet the beach can be.

  • 22542483066_fa05829433_h.jpg

    Get Out Of The House

    This is very close to the other seascapes I have done but still something a little different. I thought I would try shooting 3 different compositions and here are the results. For the top image, it was my first shot and I managed to get the exposure right on the first attempt. This is actually…

  • Week 2 – Washed Away

    Taken right near Mettams Pool, North Beach.

  • 19258921803_a0aba81812_h.jpg

    Mettams Pool

    The above image is taken with my 10 stop ND although the below image is with a 2 stop filter.