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  • Attending a Sony Bird Photography Event

    Last week I went to a photography event hosted by Sony Australia. This event was focused on bird photography and let us try bodies like their A9II and A7R IV along with lenses like the FE 200-600 f/5.6-f/6.3. In this post I’ll share my thought on both the event itself along with the lenses. The Event The event started at a hotel in the city. Before the presentation started we…

  • Sony FE 35mm f/1.8 First Impressions

    It was a long wait but my Sony FE 35mm f/1.8 has finally arrived! I have been really excited to get this lens and I can say it does not disappoint. I wouldn’t call this a comprehensive or technical review, but more of my first impressions of this lens. I’ve previously covered why I love 35mm lenses over at TPE, so if you want more context check it out here.

  • A Different Perspective

    This is a different style of image that I was curious to try. The featured image above had actually had its colors changed. The original image can be seen in the slider below as a comparison. Although many people like to add different skies or change colors and add flares, I personally prefer to capture everything as is in camera.Another way of looking at it is, these types of images…

  • Foggy Sydney

    Yesterday we had some heavy fog here in Sydney. As soon as I woke up in the morning and seen the weather, I put my camera in my bag. All the following shots were taken around Central station on my way to work. And a color version of the image above If I didn’t have work I would have loved to photograph the Harbour bridge and opera house. Hopefully next…

  • Bondi

    Due to crowds and no car, I have never visited Bondi Beach at sunset. This past weekend we decided to rent a car and go for a drive there to see what it is like. It was really packed which is unsurprising considering it was 31 degrees that day. We got dinner from a place called Bondi’s Best. The do mostly fish and chips and some sushi. The food was…

  • Bronte To Bondi Beach Walk

    A few weeks back I finally did the Bondi coastal walk. We started in Bronte and luckily it was nice and cool that day. Here are some of the shots I took along the way.

  • ***

    This Sony 85mm f/1.8 is impressing me more and more! I really love the colors and bokeh it produces, well worth every cent.

  • Marina Bay Flowers

    Right outside the Bayfront shopping mall there’s this small pond. I remember when I took this photos I was in a rush to get back into the mall since I was melting from the heat.

  • Autumn

    As opposed to the Northern Hemisphere that’s now in Spring, it’s Autumn for us in Australia. I knew some great locations in Perth such as Subiaco Commons to see fallen leaves but I got no clue where to go here in Sydney.

  • Botanical Gardens

    Just some flowers from the Sydney botanical gardens.