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  • Focusing on the Colors

    Focusing on the Colors

    In the last few weeks we had end of financial year sales so of course I had my eye out of something I may like. When it came to my lineup there was still that awkward gap between 35mm and 85mm in my kit so naturally I was leaning more towards a 50mm. I wanted… Read more

  • Revisiting Locations

    Revisiting Locations

    I’m back with another quick post, I know I can’t keep this up but I’m having fun shooting so hopefully more to come soon. Earlier this week I had decided I was going to make sure I go out to shoot a cityscape one afternoon. I was going to go to Circular Quay but with… Read more

  • Celebrating Two Years of Marriage

    Celebrating Two Years of Marriage

    This week marked two years since I legally married my wife. The reason I say legally is because we had the legal signing this week then two years ago then the following month had the actual ceremony in Bali. Although we tend to celebrate on the weekends since we work during the week, I got… Read more

  • Confused Seasons

    Confused Seasons
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    Welcome to the end of June which is crazy to think how fast this year has gone so far. Here in Sydney it’s currently one third of the way into Winter and it certainly has been cold. We’ve also had more rain than usual which has obviously limited how much I can shoot outdoors. I… Read more

  • My Next Task at Hand

    My Next Task at Hand

    I’m trying to get back into posting here more so this is one step towards that. I actually have quite a few images I need to post but as it’s part of an unreleased project of sorts, I need at least a few more weeks before it’s ready to share. Until then, you’ll see some… Read more

  • My Time in Tokyo Part II

    My Time in Tokyo Part II

    It has now been almost 15 months since I took these images but I’m finally uploading them. For anyone frequent readers of this blog, you can probably tell photography hasn’t really been a priority for me as of recently. I actually have quite a lot of images that are sitting on my hard drive unedited,… Read more

  • Zooming My Way to Something New

    Zooming My Way to Something New

    You’re probably surprised to see me back already with another post but I’ve been in a very photography orientated mood recently. There’s also the slight boost you get when you receive new gear that makes you want to shoot more although that’s not usually long lived. Despite that, you need to make the most of… Read more

  • Wear and Tear for Macro Monday

    Wear and Tear for Macro Monday

    I’m back already with another short post with more to come this week. Just like with my recent Smile on Saturday post, I found this topic for Macro Monday’s something I could do so I decided to give it a try. The ring in the image is a very old one now, at least 15… Read more

  • My Wedding Ring for Smile on Saturday

    My Wedding Ring for Smile on Saturday
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    One thing I really like about Flickr is the groups and their weekly challenges. One of those is Smile on Saturday which had the theme of “Rings” this week. In terms of the actual image, it was taken with the Sony Alpha a7C II and Sigma 105mm f/2.8 DN Macro. You may wonder what the… Read more

  • Living the 85MM Life and Loving It

    Living the 85MM Life and Loving It
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    Recently I’ve been using my 85mm lens a lot more, not just to get more use out of it but also so I can become more accustomed to the focal length, so it feels as natural to me as a 35mn lens. Every single image in this post is taken with the Sigma 85mm f/1.4… Read more