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  • A Review, a Revisit and a Cafe

    A Review, a Revisit and a Cafe
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    We are almost halfway through April and I’ve barely been shooting this year so far but I’m trying to change that. I have now released my Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 STM IS review over at The Photography Enthusiast which the featured image at the top of the page is for. Aside from that I’ve had… Read more

  • The Art Has Arrived

    The Art Has Arrived

    Welcome to my fortnightly update! This post will be a bit shorter than usual. It has been one of those fortnights were life has got in the way. By the time this is posted I will hopefully be done with my assignment. This particular unit has been stressing me out so hopefully things can go… Read more

  • One Lens Leaves While Another Arrives

    One Lens Leaves While Another Arrives
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    This past weekend, I said goodbye to one lens and hello to another. Recently I posted about selling my Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS in favor of the Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM. I already went into why I made the switch on my review, so I won’t repeat it here. Despite the fact that… Read more

  • Christmas Markets & Bokeh Balls

    Christmas Markets & Bokeh Balls

    So here are some photos from the past few weeks I’ve taken. This will be my last post of this type for 2019 and then I’ll be trying the new format as of next year. Here are some photos from around the Christmas Markets at The Rocks here in Sydney. I went during the day… Read more

  • Been Having A Break

    Been Having A Break
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    So recently with uni and work I’ve been a bit strapped for time. I know I used to do posts on each photo but I think I’ll keep this format for at least the next few weeks until my exams are done. Below are a bunch of different images from different days and events over… Read more

  • Sony FE 35mm f/1.8 First Impressions

    Sony FE 35mm f/1.8 First Impressions

    It was a long wait but my Sony FE 35mm f/1.8 has finally arrived! I have been really excited to get this lens and I can say it does not disappoint. I wouldn’t call this a comprehensive or technical review, but more of my first impressions of this lens. I’ve previously covered why I love… Read more

  • Another Week Done

    Another Week Done

    So in my last post I mentioned how good the weather had been with all the rain. Sadly that didn’t last and the sun is back as you can see. It’s been a fairly busy week for me since I was trying to finish my article on why I love 35mm and 85mm. If you… Read more

  • Walking into the Weekend

    Walking into the Weekend

    We had a 4 day long weekend here in Sydney and it was quite eventful. These photos are from Friday night and all taken in Barangaroo, right near my office. We had dinner right after work and since I had my M5 with me, I went for a quick walk to take some shots. Read more

  • Paddy’s Market

    Paddy’s Market

    Here are some candid street shots from Paddy’s Market here in Sydney. My girlfriend likes to come here on a weekly basis to buy all her fruits and this was one of the rare times I had my camera with me. It’s such a busy environment so it’s easy to capture candid moments. I have… Read more

  • San Francisco People

    San Francisco People

    Below are some street photos from my trip to San Francisco. Street photography is one of my favorite genres so I was happy to give it a try with a Wide Angle compared to my usual 85mm. And just for fun to finish things off, here’s a photo my girlfriend took of me pretending to… Read more