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So I’m trying something a bit different and will be trying to do a photo a week, sort of like my 52 week project. My main reasoning for this is to get me shooting again and being a bit more creative.

My goal/aim with each image is to have an actual story behind it and not just a photo that looks nice. For this image, it’s a bit late for the meaning but still worth doing. I’m now 3 weeks into a new job and had been back in the office full time which meant dressing up again in a suit daily. This week I’ve been working from home again due to Sydney’s lockdown but once it’s ends, I’ll be back in the office.

The early sunsets, lockdown and new job has been challenging when it came to my photography but I’m trying to get back into things. Now if Canon would be kind enough to announce/release that RF 16mm f/2.8 I’d be even more motivated to do so.

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