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  • Is It Really June Part II

    Is It Really June Part II

    We’re now half way through June and as always, time is flying by so quick. I haven’t been shooting a great deal due to an assignment and exam but that is about to change. Digging Through the Archives I think it’s quite common for people to be going through old photos at the moment. I… Read more

  • My Top 5 Photos of 2019

    My Top 5 Photos of 2019

    With 2019 coming to an end, it is time to review my top 5 images of the year. Below you will see in no particular order the images I picked including a brief description of them. Fuji Instax This image is one I took most recently out of the top 5. I had watched a… Read more

  • December Update

    December Update

    Here are a bunch of photos I’ve taken since my last update. I finished my exams mid last month but have been very lazy recently and still enjoying the break. I’m hoping to get back into things soon and try some new things so keep your eyes out for those. If you would like to… Read more

  • Out of Isolation

    Out of Isolation
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    If you can’t tell by the lack of posts over the past month, its been a busy time for me. It was mostly assignments at uni taking up all my time which is not fun. Now that all this has subsided for a while, it’s back to shooting. As I usually do, I’ve bunched a… Read more

  • Darling Square

    Darling Square

    Very recently a new area opened here in Sydney. This area is Darling Square which can be seen in the featured image at the top of the page. The spiral type building is actually houses a library, food hall and other things. I have to say I really like the design of it. I had… Read more

  • Sydney Light Trails

    Sydney Light Trails

    The above image was a photo I made for a tutorial over at The Photography Enthusiast. It is made of 7 individual photos merged using the lighten blend mode in Photoshop. If you want more insight into how I made the image, you can watch my video above. Read more

  • Recent Weeks

    Recent Weeks

    The weather here in Sydney has been a bit temperamental the past few weeks. We’ve had everything from rain to fog to sunshine. Below are a few photos from just over a week ago when we had some heavy fog on a Saturday morning. The image above was a several minute long exposure for the… Read more

  • Sights Set

    Sights Set

    This was a post that was meant to be released several months ago now but got lost in my drafts. It was taken when I went to shoot the sunrise of Barangaroo. The reason for the title “Sights Set” was at that point, I had just got a new job at the middle tower Barangaroo.… Read more

  • San Francisco People

    San Francisco People

    Below are some street photos from my trip to San Francisco. Street photography is one of my favorite genres so I was happy to give it a try with a Wide Angle compared to my usual 85mm. And just for fun to finish things off, here’s a photo my girlfriend took of me pretending to… Read more

  • San Francisco

    San Francisco

    This week I just got back from my trip to San Francisco and Hawaii. This was the first time I’ve visited the United States so it was an interesting experience. Out of the two locations I visited, San Francisco was my favorite. The weather was colder than I was used to but I brought the… Read more