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  • My Time in Tokyo Part II

    My Time in Tokyo Part II

    It has now been almost 15 months since I took these images but I’m finally uploading them. For anyone frequent readers of this blog, you can probably tell photography hasn’t really been a priority for me as of recently. I actually have quite a lot of images that are sitting on my hard drive unedited,… Read more

  • Adventures in Kyoto, Uji and Nara

    Adventures in Kyoto, Uji and Nara
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    After much delay I’m finally done with editing the images from my time in Kyoto. Now despite having 52 images to post there was obviously a lot more, but I tried to narrow it down to what I would consider the better images. My impressions of the 3 places would come down to this. Kyoto… Read more

  • Our Short Stay in the Cities of Himeji and Kobe

    Our Short Stay in the Cities of Himeji and Kobe

    Despite visiting there in March and having less than 30 images across the two locations to share, I’ve only just finally finished this post. Now although I labelled it as Himeji AND Kobe, majority of the images are from the latter. My sister in law was living/working in Himeji at the time so we mainly… Read more

  • Osaka


    Welcome to my very delayed post from my trip to Japan. I’ve had most of these images edited and sitting there for a while, I’ve just needed to put this post together. I really enjoyed Osaka and it was my second favorite spot we visited in Japan so onto the post. First Day in Osaka… Read more

  • Tokyo Part II

    Tokyo Part II

    Welcome to the second part of my Tokyo trip. As you will see there are quite a few images in this post despite being only 2 days so let’s get into it. All Around Akihabara and Back For the first day back in Tokyo after our trip to Fujisan we decided to go to Akihabara… Read more

  • Lake Kawaguchiko

    Lake Kawaguchiko

    Welcome to the second post for my vacation to Japan! This post is all about Lake Kawaguchiko which we went to during our stay in Tokyo since it isn’t too far from there. There is a few ways to get to Lake Kawaguchiko although we chose to take the train. The bus can be cheaper… Read more

  • My First Few Days in Tokyo

    My First Few Days in Tokyo

    I’m happy to finally be able to share some images from my trip to Japan! When I got back I had just over 1200 images which filled up TWO 32GB cards and half of a 64GB card. I haven’t shot this much in a very long time, so I think it goes to show how… Read more

  • Cherry Blossoms [12/52]

    Cherry Blossoms [12/52]
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    This time of year is a popular time to visit Japan due to the Cherry Blossoms. When we booked our trip, we knew there was a chance we could see them but didn’t revolve the whole vacation around them. In saying that, we got really lucky as we seen some in almost every single city… Read more

  • Himeji Castle [11/52]

    Himeji Castle [11/52]

    One of the locations we visited while in Japan was Himeji which is the second largest city of the Hyogo Prefecture. The main reason we visited here is because it’s very close to Kobe and my sister in law both lives and works here. I’m usually into big cities only but it was quite nice… Read more

  • Lake Kawaguchiko [10/52]

    Lake Kawaguchiko [10/52]

    I just got back from my vacation in Japan, hence the delay to these posts. I was continuously shooting while away so I still got the shots each week, I just didn’t want to post without being able to edit the images. Now onto the actual image. One of the first places we visited was… Read more