Author: Daniel Lee

  • A New Record I’ve Set Regarding My Gear

    A New Record I’ve Set Regarding My Gear

    Welcome to another blog post. This one is a bit funny based on the title. It’s mostly regarding my Fuji but before we get into it, I thought I’d share some other images which will add context to the parts later in the post. Below are a few casual images I took while I was… Read more

  • I Finally Gave in and Bought a New Fujifilm Body

    I Finally Gave in and Bought a New Fujifilm Body

    I have some exciting news as I am the proud owner of a Fujifilm X-S20! I sold my X-S10 back in May as soon as the new body was announced and was waiting for some decent sales. Those sales finally arrived and I’m sure if I waited until the end of the year they would… Read more

  • Our Short Stay in the Cities of Himeji and Kobe

    Our Short Stay in the Cities of Himeji and Kobe

    Despite visiting there in March and having less than 30 images across the two locations to share, I’ve only just finally finished this post. Now although I labelled it as Himeji AND Kobe, majority of the images are from the latter. My sister in law was living/working in Himeji at the time so we mainly… Read more

  • My Short Trip to Queenstown, New Zealand

    My Short Trip to Queenstown, New Zealand

    Almost two months ago I went to Queenstown, New Zealand for my 1 year wedding anniversary. This was my first time visiting Queenstown and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I’m not much of a nature person but as you can tell, this is certainly a nature type of place. We were only… Read more

  • Lego Bonsai [28/52]

    Lego Bonsai [28/52]

    During Christmas last year I got the Lego Bonsai Tree as a present but hadn’t found the time to set it up. As I needed something for this week’s entry, I figured it was time to make it. I used my grey background with natural light coming from the window to camera left. The gear… Read more

  • My Favorite Animal [27/52]

    My Favorite Animal [27/52]

    This is a post I was hesitant to make. If you do read each of my 52 Week Project posts, you’ll notice I’m behind by two weeks I believe. I’ve been having some eye issues which has prevented me from both shooting and editing. This eye condition can last up to 4 months and my… Read more

  • Glenorchy Wharf [26/52]

    Glenorchy Wharf [26/52]

    For this post and future ones on here, I will be trying to focus more on the technical and photography aspects of everything. This image was taken at Glenorchy Wharf in New Zealand on my recent trip there. The gear used for this was the Sony Alpha a7IV and Sony FE PZ 16-35mm f/4 G… Read more

  • Osaka


    Welcome to my very delayed post from my trip to Japan. I’ve had most of these images edited and sitting there for a while, I’ve just needed to put this post together. I really enjoyed Osaka and it was my second favorite spot we visited in Japan so onto the post. First Day in Osaka… Read more

  • My New Macro [25/52]

    My New Macro [25/52]

    For this week’s entry there’s something a bit more exciting, I got a new lens! The lens in question is the Sigma 105mm f/2.8 DN Macro. When I swapped back to Sony, this was one of the lenses on my list to buy but I wasn’t convinced I needed one. In recent times, I got… Read more

  • A Sweet Tooth [24/52]

    A Sweet Tooth [24/52]

    I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in previous posts but to say I have a sweet tooth it would be an understatement. I really love my dessert and always have. There was even one point where I was having two desserts a day. This lasted until there was one year before Christmas when I… Read more