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  • Revisiting Locations

    Revisiting Locations

    I’m back with another quick post, I know I can’t keep this up but I’m having fun shooting so hopefully more to come soon. Earlier this week I had decided I was going to make sure I go out to shoot a cityscape one afternoon. I was going to go to Circular Quay but with… Read more

  • An Early Start to the Day

    An Early Start to the Day

    Photography-wise, it’s been a slow start to the year, but I finally changed that. I have a bit of free time at the moment, so I wanted to go out shooting. If you read my blog a lot, you’ll know I don’t like staying out late, so the only option for me was to shoot… Read more

  • Luna Park [8/52]

    Luna Park [8/52]

    I was cutting it close this week but I made it in time! A have a friend visiting from another state so we went out on Friday evening to try do some cityscapes. I consider Kirribilli to be one of the best views of Sydney, depending on what you’re doing down there. It can be… Read more

  • When The Sun Stays Up, I Stay Inside

    When The Sun Stays Up, I Stay Inside

    First off sorry for the long time since my last blog post. I’ve been shooting as you’ll see from the number of images, just not to the same volume as I had been in previous weeks. I also got a bit behind on my editing as I had been doing some upgrades on my PC… Read more

  • More Love for the Fuji

    More Love for the Fuji
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    It hasn’t been too long since my last post but since the images are already piling up, I thought I’d release something new! New and Exciting Being that the Fuji is my new toy, its been getting the majority of my attention. I’m working towards that full review but in the mean time here’s some… Read more

  • The Big Oversight

    The Big Oversight

    I thought I’d start this post off with something that was a massive oversight from myself and has led to a waste of the past 2 months. Now as I’ve mentioned in previous posts and my podcast, we’ve been in lockdown for roughly 2 months now. Because of this I haven’t been going out to… Read more

  • Too Much To Handle?

    Too Much To Handle?
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    Wow it’s been a busy and productive few weeks. Not only did I manage to finally finish my Canon EOS R6 Reivew which you can hear the audio version below. . I’ve also been busy trying to use the Canon M50 Mark II as much as I can so that I have plenty of images… Read more

  • A Long Weekend or Two

    A Long Weekend or Two
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    It’s been a busy fortnight and definitely in a good way. First it was the Easter long weekend which we celebrated my girlfriends birthday, then I had a 5 day weekend to watch Wrestlemania and celebrate mine. During that time we visited a lot of places so here are some photos from it. Hunter Valley… Read more

  • The G.A.S Has Returned Again

    The G.A.S Has Returned Again

    Here are some new photos from my recent road trip a whopping 10 minute drive from my house. I actually been going here way too much and you’d recognize it from my last post so I need to give this location a break for a while. I wanted to visit here one more time to… Read more

  • The Rain Continues

    The Rain Continues
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    As the title suggests, we’ve had a lot of rain recently. In fact we had so much rain and flooding last weekend that the NSW government declared it as CAT212. Because of this, I didn’t get to shoot much aside from two days. Here are the images from those two photo outings. First up is… Read more