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  • 2023 Me [2/52]

    2023 Me [2/52]

    Here is the second entry in my 52 Week Project for 2023. Each year I like to do a self portrait and I’ve wanted something new for my profile photos so this was the perfect opportunity. I actually shot this image twice but the first time I composed the image too tightly so it wouldn’t… Read more

  • Just Eat and Shoot

    Just Eat and Shoot

    A lot of people will tell you that gear doesn’t matter. In some ways this is true but it’s also false. I’ve found when you enjoy using something, you’ll find any excuse to use that item. Like if you have a really nice car you’ll drive for short distances you would usually walk just because… Read more

  • The Champ is Here!!!

    The Champ is Here!!!

    So this week I’m giving a bit of an insight into another hobby (more likely obsession) of mine which is the world of WWE. I thought it would be nice to split this into two sections so here it goes. The Photo I had wanted a new self portrait to use as my display picture… Read more

  • The G.A.S Has Returned Again

    The G.A.S Has Returned Again

    Here are some new photos from my recent road trip a whopping 10 minute drive from my house. I actually been going here way too much and you’d recognize it from my last post so I need to give this location a break for a while. I wanted to visit here one more time to… Read more

  • The Big Test

    The Big Test
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    Welcome to my second post for the month of January. In terms of shooting it’s been both busy and quiet. I’ve been doing a lot of experiment shots and trying to get used to the sensor and it’s quirks. Matching the Competition For a long time Canon copped a lot of heat for the amount… Read more

  • The New Bokeh Monster

    The New Bokeh Monster

    Welcome to the last few days of June and a very exciting post for me. I had posted back in March that I was trying to decide if it was worth selling my Sony FE 85mm f/1.8. Back then I felt it wasn’t worth it and convinced myself that for all this time. Of course… Read more

  • One Lens Leaves While Another Arrives

    One Lens Leaves While Another Arrives
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    This past weekend, I said goodbye to one lens and hello to another. Recently I posted about selling my Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS in favor of the Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM. I already went into why I made the switch on my review, so I won’t repeat it here. Despite the fact that… Read more

  • Just Go Shoot

    Just Go Shoot

    There’s a few things I want to cover in this post. First off, yes this is another self portrait. Any time I get sick of my display picture on social media, this is my answer to that problem. Rather than use a mirror like people typically use, I had the A7III and the Sigma 35mm… Read more

  • Here and There

    Here and There

    Below are a bunch of casual images I took recently but don’t really need the own post. All except the lantern were taken last weekend. The lantern was actually inside the Westfield in San Francisco. I have a few more posts planned and some new projects too that I’m excited to work on. Once they… Read more

  • Sights Set

    Sights Set

    This was a post that was meant to be released several months ago now but got lost in my drafts. It was taken when I went to shoot the sunrise of Barangaroo. The reason for the title “Sights Set” was at that point, I had just got a new job at the middle tower Barangaroo.… Read more